We help you reach your personal fitness goals with state of the art workout techniques and nutrition tactics.

ü  Weight loss  & toning

ü  Bodybuilding & Fitness

ü  Weight & strength gain

ü  Post therapy training

ü  Sports specific and more

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Welcome to FITRYOU.COM
Where your fitness goals are our goals.

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Personalize workout program
No two people are the same.  We design a workout specfically for what youre trying to accomplish.

Personalized Diet Program
Diet is 90% of the reason most people do not reach their fitness goals.  Includes weekly updates for the program period.

Personalized workout & Diet program
Discount for getting both.

One on One training
One training session, instruction, coaching and kicking your butt.

One on One training sessions packages
One workout training session is great but you won't get there in just one session.  We have mulitple session packages available to fit most budgets and time frames.  Call for current rates, specials and details.

Session packages with Diet & workout program
Our most popular packages are the ones that include diet and workout coaching.  These programs include the services we offer above PLUS the nutritional advice and modifications to keep your progress moving forward.  As with the training sessions only, we have multiple packages available to fit most all budgets and time frames.

Online Personal Training Program
We also offer Online personal training via email. This consists of day to day emails and updates which we send you diet and workout information for the week, answer any questions you have, and help keep you on track.

All services must be paid in full at the time of purchase to receive the discounted package pricing.

Gym Owners & managers
Contact us for more info on how you can offer certified personal training services for your members.

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